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 +15 Years Of Event Staff Experience 

Are you looking for event staffing services in Kansas City and the Midwest? Look no further than Borda Promotional Staffing. We work closely with our clients to understand their exact needs so we can source the highest quality talent for your next event. Borda Promotional Staffing provides individuals for a variety of roles including event staffing and management, pop-up shops, conference staffing, demos and samples, retail marketing and so much more! Our internal team can also curate and produce an event for you of any size from start to finish. Reach out today to set up a consultation. 

Borda Productions Event Staff List

Kansas City, MO:

  • Operations Consulting

  • Operations Management

  • General Event Staff

  • Logistics Staff

  • General Event Hands

  • Management Staff

  • Stage Hands and Riggers

  • Event Crowd Control & Security

  • Private Security

  • Security Consulting

  • Trash/Clean-Up/Grounds Staff

  • Stage Hands

  • Stage Managers

  • Production Managers

  • Catering Staff / Bartenders 

  • Artist Runners

  • General Runners

  • Box Office Staff

  • Parking Staff

  • Parking Consulting

  • Models

  • General Hosts

  • VIP Hosts

  • Customer Service Staff

  • Volunteer Management w/ Logistics

  • Merch Staff and Management

  • Photo + Video

  • General Event Staff

Hourly Rates Start at $22.50 an Hour

Day Rates Start at $250

Email us for a quick quote at

Staffing for:

Festivals, Weddings, Private parties, Children’s parties, Graduations, Concerts, Corporate events, Backyard cookouts, Celebrations of Life, Bar/Bat Mitzvahs, Birthday parties, Holiday parties, Fundraisers, Concessions, School functions, Live performances, Community Block parties, Government/Military events, & much more! Please reach out to us for your Event Staff needs! 

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Event Staff and Management Kansas City

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Why Borda?

Borda Promotional Staffing is an event staffing agency specializing in special events, conferences, experiential marketing campaigns, and product demos throughout North America with our home offices in Kansas City. 

Our approach is simple—plan for the best and expect the unexpected. Successful events are the result of detailed planning and meticulous execution. Our team of dedicated professionals has shaped hundreds of vibrant and engaging events across North America, each carefully crafted and tailored to client needs. Our staffing members are hand-selected, briefed and trained for each event. From late-night phone calls to last-minute changes, our flexibility and attention to detail have won the acclaim of both our industry and our clients.

Whereas most companies focus solely on their clients, we have a bottom-up approach: focusing just as much on our staff relationships. Our staff is our product, and by nurturing those relationships, treating them with respect, and paying quickly we’ve created a large database of brand ambassadors who actively want to work with us. When we have a team of happy staff, it results in happy clients and successful campaigns since staff are motivated to work hard and do a good job so they get future work with us. 



Anything and everything to have a full-featured event. 


all events

We offer staffing for any type of event. Pricing per hour starts at $22.50.


Big or small we can do it all. 

Photos and videos

We can cover it all.

Day rates start at $300.


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